“I Don’t Have Time”

“I don’t have time” is hands down one of the worst excuses – ever. When someone says they don’t have time, they are basically blaming outside forces rather than making themselves accountable. They are effectively saying that it wasn’t their fault that they didn’t make it happen because time eluded them.

My challenge to you is to never utter these words again. Take some fucking accountability for yourself and say “I didn’t make time” or “It’s not a priority right now”. This is much more acceptable than “I don’t have time” because at least you’re taking some responsibility for not getting it done.

I am not perfect and I definitely don’t get a lot of shit done because of laziness or procrastination. BUT I will never say the words “I don’t have time” ever again. My only acceptable excuses for myself are “I don’t want to do it” or “I’m being a bitch and not doing it”. Stop this madness.

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