How to Deal with Calluses

I know, I know. Lifting weights is hard on the hands. “My hands are getting rough! My partner is complaining that my hands are scratchy! My hands hurt!” Don’t worry, I have a solution.

Calluses are inevitable. We can’t completely avoid them but we can manage them. Plus, calluses are a small price to pay for the rest of your body and your health. Embrace them – your hands tell your story. BUT I do have a solution for you. Two words.




pumice bar


  1. Buy pumice bar from local beauty shop
  2. Run hands in hot water or do it while you’re showering
  3. Scrub your calluses with the pumice bar
  4. Moisturize your hands


Again, this will not completely remove your calluses but it will at least FLATTEN them. When calluses start to bunch up, that’s when they are at risk for tearing off. You do not want your callus to tear off. Then you’ll just have a hole in your hand. Maintain your hands with a pumice bar on the regular. It’ll take off the excess skin so that your shit won’t tear. Happy lifting!


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