Training Log – Week 6

I’ve always been a fan of tracking my training so I’m going to post them here as well.

Day 41/90

Pushups – 3×20
Neutral Grip Pullups – 3×10

DB Incline – 70×8,8,12
Chest-supported Rows (5s iso hold) – 60x5x3 sets

Dips – 3×10
Neutral Grip Pullups – 3×5

DB Incline Flyes – 35×12
Rear Delt Flyes – 3×20


Strength is starting to come back. I was only able to get 6 reps on the DB Incline the week before so things are going accordingly. All workouts have been about 1 hour in/out. Usually 40 minutes of lifting.


Day 43/90

Squat – 235 x 4 x 8 sets (105s rest)
RDL – 185×12, 225×10, 275×8,6
HLR – 3×10
30s sprint on AirRunner – 3 sets


Day 44/90

Seated DB Press – 70x8x3 sets
Neutral Grip Pullups – 10,10,10,10,12

One-arm bench w/ fat gripz – 55x12x3
Sled Rope Pull + Sled Row – 90lbs on sled x 3 sets

Seated Lateral Raises – 20 lbs x 50 total reps (rest-pause) (This is one big set)



Training week was good. Will hit an arm session either on Friday/Saturday and then a short conditioning session on Sunday. My current lifting days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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